mai 2006

mercredi, 31 mai 2006

lost again in shades of green...

mardi, 30 mai 2006

short cuts

lundi, 29 mai 2006

Stw /0529-I

dimanche, 28 mai 2006

it's...a good day for singing songs,songs,songs,songs..

vendredi, 26 mai 2006

escaped from myself, my soul is in search of me

jeudi, 25 mai 2006

all is wind and disguise

mercredi, 24 mai 2006

can you write something that you can walk into and vanish from the world...

mardi, 23 mai 2006

late at night the wind stops and each one lives unknown

lundi, 22 mai 2006

Stw /0522-I

dimanche, 21 mai 2006

it's...a good day for delightfully singing songs,songs, more songs...

samedi, 20 mai 2006

A lost band from eighties tape

vendredi, 19 mai 2006

since you would save none of me, I bury some of you

jeudi, 18 mai 2006

music is as much a part of death as it is of life

mercredi, 17 mai 2006

you're going nowhere when you ride on the carousel

mardi, 16 mai 2006

...I thought I saw a p-p-p-podcast

lundi, 15 mai 2006

Stw /0515-I

dimanche, 14 mai 2006

it's...a good day to...

vendredi, 12 mai 2006

...but I took nobody with me, not a soul.

jeudi, 11 mai 2006

tarde, uma nuvem rosea lenta e transparente...

mercredi, 10 mai 2006

hello Earth are you ready for...

mardi, 9 mai 2006

tell the funeral man I don't like powder on my face...

lundi, 8 mai 2006

Stw /0508-I

dimanche, 7 mai 2006

's...a good day for singing fresh pop songs...

vendredi, 5 mai 2006

time's been playing tricks on me a never ending story...

jeudi, 4 mai 2006

time's been playing tricks on me again...

mercredi, 3 mai 2006

the boy who bought the cosmos...

mardi, 2 mai 2006

run run run aouh aouh aouh...

lundi, 1 mai 2006

Stw /0501-I