mercredi, 26 septembre 2012


beru fire eyes gather souls photo by zb ghost

vendredi, 29 octobre 2010

Playlist muette

Anduin - Lovers In Transit (album: Abandoned In Sleep)
Rameses III - The Kindness In Letting Go (album: I Could Not Love You More)
The Untied Knot - Spanish Pine (album : Sketches for Lost Summer)
Myrmyr - The Sea Returns ''(album: The Amber Sea)
Christina Carter - Namaste (album : Of The Gutter)
Susan Christie - Yesterday, Where's My Mind? (album : Paint A Lady)
Pocahaunted - Follow I (album:Island Diamonds)
Clydie King - I'm Glad I'm A Woman (album: The Imperial & Minit Years)
Aditi Tahiti - 10 minutes on earth (album: Time Canvas)
Cold Cave - Love Comes Close (album: Edsel and Ruby)
Arborea - Shagg Pond Revival (album: Wayfaring Summer)
Caethua - Queen Of The Ice (album: Queenly Women Crowned And Uncrowned)
Marissa Nadler - Silvia (album: Songs III: Bird on the Water)
Elisa Luu - The Time Of Waiting (album: The Time Of Waiting)
Delphine Dora - Why Shoul I Be Afraid (album: Multitudess)
Lotte Kestner - Crush The Bird (album: China Mountain)
Inca Ore - Chipiturca Eva Enmolada (album: split w/grouper)

vendredi, 22 octobre 2010

Playlist muette

Pocahaunted with Bobb Bruno and Cameron Stallones - Dusk (album: Passage)
Lydia Lunch - Sway (album: Smoke In The Shadows)
HTRK - Your Mistress Turns To Dust (album : Marry Me Tonight)
Caethua - The Blood Beneath Our Skin (album:Queenly Women Crowned And Uncrowned)
Big Blood - A Friendly Noose (album : Strange Maine 11-04-2006)
Janis Martin - Love Me Love (album : Masters & Studio Outtakes)
Pocahaunted - Ashes Is White (album:Island Diamonds)
Eleanoora Rosenholm - Kiltti vai tuhma (album: Vainajan muotokuva)
Meiko Kaji - Gincho Wataridori (album: Zenkyoku Shu)
Glass Candy - Feeling Without Touching (album: Deep Gems: A Collection of Singles, B Sides & Rarities)
Arborea - Wayfaring Summer (album: Wayfaring Summer)
Bahamadia - Biggest Part of Me (album: Kollage)
Meiko Kaji - Minami Kaze (album: Zenkyoku Shu)
Big Maybelle - Friendless Blues (album: Candy!)
Honi Gordon - Strollin' (album: Honi Gordon Sings)
Eilen Jewell - Boundary County (album: Boundary County)
Didi Favreau - - And Walk On the Clouds (album: Vague Recollections)