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digne de tous les outsiders-loners-psycho "private-pressed" of this damned World ... OMG LOL ROFL LMAO G2G TTYL by Nathan Ventura en 2012 pour memoire j'avais adoré...

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MEA CULPA - errare hum' perseverare diab' - so... Blackfeet Braves, now, are Mystic Braves : one thing doesn't change and for all seasons remains : this is a real nice 'n' cool record for the summer, this summer. lo-li-pop y.e.a.h! ... Blackfeet Braves (12" LP) by Mystic Braves & (website)

notule 000,000,015

SOMETIMES all you need to make it through a long working day is a good and solid comp' : believe me this one's a serious contender & a good medicine ! ... Ball of Wax Volume 32 by Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly

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