A lost band from eighties tape

there's dust on your grave
smoke gets in your eyes

there's dust on your grave
smoke gets in your eyes

ma route a croisé celle de Gust Diys, voici deux ans maintenant, son batteur Henk était mort cinq ans plus tôt d'un mauvais trip. Tout comme Luck and Fat, ses bassiste et guitariste. Son groupe, obscur et d'autant plus oublié, s'appelait There's dust on your grave, baby. Le baby m'expliqua Gust était tombé la semaine précédant leur premier concert pour manque de place sur l'affiche. "Aujourd'hui, avait il ajouté, de ce groupe, ne reste qu'un morceau, ce morceau, une reprise de "Smoke gets in your eyes"..."

my road crossed that guy named Gust Diys, two years ago, his drummer, Henk,
had died five years earlier following a bad trip. As did, different times, different places Luck and Fat, respectively guitarman and bassist. "I'm the one alive, said Gust." Obscure and totally forgotten, "There's dust on your grave, baby" was the name of their band. "The baby word explained Gust to me, had fallen the week preceding our first concert...lack of place on the poster...ah ah...Today, of this band, remains only one track, this one, a cover of "Smoke gets in your eyes"...play it loud...uh uh..."

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