stw podcast episode 300

photo by zb
stw episode 300

- celebration -
sept d'ans d'existence - zero influence...
seven years o'd - influence null & void
et c'est tant mieux - n'existent pas les demi-dieux
and that is go'd - they don't exist semi-gods
but who cares uh ? : episode 300

count vertigo - I'm a mutant (a/b)
aswad dub charge (a/b)
zhou xuan - age of bloom (a/b)(itunes)
tashaki miyaki - all I have to do is dream (a/b )
1977.08.29 john peel's show (excerpt)
sex pistols - pretty vacant (a/b)
vibrators - london girls (a/b)
stranglers - london lady (a/b)
clash - capital radio (a/b)
(end of excerpt)
the revolutionaries - rockers hop (a/b)
max romeo - one step forward (a/b)
1982.08.14 john peel's show (excerpt)
bonzo dog band - monster mash (a/b)
the jolly two - railroad stomp (a/b)
roy orbison - running scared (a/b)
(end of excerpt)
wooden shjips - black smoke rise (a/b)
the you are minez - least side story (a/b)
1992.05.01 john peel's show (excerpt)
lee perry - kimble (a/b)
the fall - kimble (a/b)
(end of excerpt)
spectre folk - the blackest medicine (a/b)
undertones - teenage kicks (a/b)
the rest - the last day (a/b)
2004.10.14 john peel's show (excerpt)
the fall - powder keg (a/b)
klute - time 4 a change (a/b)
(end of excerpt)
the fall - immortality (a/b)
pandit - you, me, us (a/b)
tupolef - une histoire (a/b)

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photo "episode 300" by ZB

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