intersaison 10 (episode 299)

photo by zb
stw episode 299

- celebration...
but who cares uh ? : episode 299

richard youngs - part III (a/b 'garden of stones')
r. youngs - untitled 5 (a/b three handed star)
r. youngs - call of the full ultra (a/b like a neuron)
w/ alex neilson mute action (a/b 'electric lotus')
w/ simon wickham-smith - roof sweep (a/b 444D)
r. youngs - haze I (a/b 'atlas of hearts')
r. youngs - wynd time wynd (a/b 'may')
r youngs - one hundred stranded horses (a/b 'autumn response')
ilk - of departure (a/b 'zenith')
r. youngs - soon it will be fire (a/b 'sapphie')
r. youngs - fen flowers (a/b 'tsuki no seika 2')
r. youngs - arise arise (a/b 'under stellar stream')
r. youngs - oh my stars (a/b 'airs of the ear)
r. youngs - sky is upon you (a/b 'river through howling sky')
r. youngs - illuminated land (a/b 'the naive shaman')
r. youngs - sun points at the world (a/b 'beyond the valley of ultrahits')
r. youngs - holding on to the sea (a/b 'amplifying host')
r. youngs - mountain got so lonely (a/b 'inceptor')

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photo "episode 299" by ZB

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