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stw code 060710

play it loud (44'50- 43 mo)

Tracklist :
king kong ding dong - repetition, flares (a/b)
kuupuu - uhuvava uu (a/b)
william fitzsimmons - just not each other (a/b)
fughston - baltasar camp (a/b)
mangue konde - mangue k.
john ashley - little lou
lee perry - dread at the mantrols (w/ mikey dread) (a/b)
rhythm & sound - lightning storm (w/ rod of iron) (a/b)
soundamantium - bain d'etoiles (a/b)
oneida - luxury travel (a/b)
j.j. burnel - euroman (a/b)
the slowmovies - radio 8 (a/b)
dictaphone - itynav (a/b)

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photo "code sp060710" by ZB

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