feuilles d'automne 10

photo zb
stw episode special 044

La photo
La musique. (chaque mercredi jusqu'à l'hiver/ each wednesday until winter),
de haut en bas et de gauche à droite  :
so the wind podcast episode special 044 :
play it warmly LOUD (55'03- 53mo)

Tracklist :
yves/son/ace - stop repeating (a/b)
myrmyr - the story begins (a/b)
ton vlasman - walking in country lane (a/b)
linda perhacs - paper mountain man (a/b)
five days week straw people - I'm going out tonight (a/b)
richard youngs - sun points at the world
twinsistermoon - sun snaring (a/b)
elm - in the shadow of the red rock (a/b)
ilyas ahmed - some of none (a/b)
zola jesus - orthodox (a/b)
inca ore - innocent (a/b)
rameses III - we shall never sing of sorrow (a/b)
emmanuelle parrenin - l'echarpe de soie (a/b)
former ghosts - this is my last goodbye (a/b)
sh*t & sh*ne - goodbye and good gardening (a/b)

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photo "episodespecial044" by ZB

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