dead pigeon ! you first flew to the north, then, you changed the story

photo zb
stw podcast episode 050

stw podcast : episode 050 (46'45 - 44mo)
fly it LOUD ! I'm a leaf !

Playlist :
john & mary - fly me to the north acheter/buy
jeremy - make love not war acheter/buy
jan dukes de grey - mice and rats in the loft acheter/buy
noxagt - firebird acheter/buy
danielle dax - evil honky stomp acheter/buy
big blood - vitamin C acheter/buy
throbbing gristle - almost a kiss acheter/buy
selva pyy & pyy pivossa - kasvain acheter/buy
cindytalk - the ghost never smiles acheter/buy

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bonus : (youtube)
john and mary - red wooden beads
noxagt - wall's end
danielle dax - cathouse
can - vitamin c
chris and cosey - october love song

photo "050" by ZB