mars 2007

vendredi, 30 mars 2007

if we've time, we'll take a ride on tunnels' highway

jeudi, 29 mars 2007

on the dark obvious wings of flies

mercredi, 28 mars 2007

bad memories, may they fade...

mardi, 27 mars 2007

One year of contrast...

lundi, 26 mars 2007

wash away the atlantic blue dust from green moon's eye

vendredi, 23 mars 2007

in the end it's gonna be all right

jeudi, 22 mars 2007

folk fairy tales and morning cuts

mercredi, 21 mars 2007

a strange shortened answer and then no answer

mardi, 20 mars 2007

there's a lesson to learn in everything

lundi, 19 mars 2007

ten little white pebbles

vendredi, 16 mars 2007

over and over again is what it's all about

jeudi, 15 mars 2007

the other eye in me

mercredi, 14 mars 2007

your dream, my ghost

mardi, 13 mars 2007 cover, my favourite

lundi, 12 mars 2007

in no particular order

vendredi, 9 mars 2007

almost human, you're lost in a big naked shirt

jeudi, 8 mars 2007

a vision on how things ought to be

mercredi, 7 mars 2007

me and my black and white dream

mardi, 6 mars 2007

so much whys when you're not...

lundi, 5 mars 2007

once he gets out of this fascination, the woman has gone off

vendredi, 2 mars 2007

time will tell, my ill hell, tie 'em all

jeudi, 1 mars 2007

the universe weeps for me why should I leave ?