episode 497

episode 497 ùanhunter
stw episode 497

"Let me say this : bein an idiot is no box of chocolates."
Winston Groom
...fins de série 76/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 497

the coalition - who's next (peel session 01.10.2002)
fofoulah - rahas
oto - discowar (1986)
opera de nuit - possession (1986)
the old one two - inside my head
captain beefheart - hot head
my dad is dead - my head
les thugs - femme fatale (1986)
maria et - disparu (1986)
tomlovedkatie - after you left (huashan unit remix)
clair instant - les après midi de pluie (1986)
pulp - life must be so wonderful
the ocean floor - what was was once wonderful
platters - I'm just a dancing partner (01.10.1955)
dillinger escape plan - pig latin
laura cantrell - too late for tonight
blessed feathers - leedo ceedo
jad wio - you're gonna miss me (1986)
futureheads - the city is here for you to use (peel session 01.10.2003)
spoken words taken from "manhunter" by michael mann


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