episode 498

episode 498 princess bride
stw episode 498

"The day didn't begin well. I woke up at first light with a throbbing brain-core headache, fever and chills, dull pains in all bodily tissues, gagging flashes of nausea, a taste in my mouth like I’d eaten a pound of potato-bugs, aching eye sockets, and a general feeling of basic despair."
Jim Dodge
...fins de série 77/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 498

appliance - fast music (peel session 06.10.1998)
bonnie doon - viking summer
the crytearions - I don't want to know what I know
inca babies - artillery switchboard
kni crik - canniba (1987)
these immortal souls - I ate the knife
the pastels - baby honey
xanax squaredance - desert prayer
this mortal coil - acid bitter sad
a popular history of signs - stigma
captain beefheart - ashtray heart
the old one two - rippin and runnin
kool moe dee - no respect
public enemy - timebomb
negativland - car bomb
mr pro bono - bo duddley stomp
les thugs - lost in the suburbs (1988)
johnny cash - life's a railway to heaven
the beatles - eight days a week (take 5) (06.10.1964)
mr pro bono - I didn't doo wop
captain beefheart - woe-is-uh-me-bop
ramones - bop 'til you drop
opera multi steel - il est trop tard (1987)
plone - marbles (peel session 06.10.1999)
spoken words taken from "princess bride" by rob reiner


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