episode 481

episode 481 honeymoon killers
stw episode 481

"“ It was morning, and the new sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea."
Richard Bach
...fins de série 60/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 481

sun carriage - b.a.b.e (peel session 28.07.1991)
the shadows of the knight - the behemoth
destroy all monsters - meet the creeper
goliath - yesterday's children
velvet underground & nico - run run run
the slaves - slaves time
the len price 3 - keep your eyes on me
we the people - mirror of your mind
stack waddy - mystic eyes
the missing links - you're driving me insane
ame son - je veux juste dire (1970)
quetzal snakes - oh lord of deafstruction
chris lee - (I love the way you) bring me down
upson downs - dreary down street
jim kweskin & the jug band - don't you leave me here
the legendary shack shakers - where's the devil... when you need him?
datsuns - mf from hell
ramones - today your love, tomorrow the world
neil young - everybody know this is nowhere
neal casal - today i'm gonna bleed
episode six - love hate revenge
jean le fennec - le chat et la souris (1970)
the byrds - psychodrama city (28.07.1966)
flaming lips - we can't predict the future (peel session 28.07.1999)
spoken words taken from "the honeymoon killers" by leonard kastle


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