episode 480

episode 480 wild bunch
stw episode 480

"“All this happened, more or less."
Kurt Vonnegut
...fins de série 59/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 480

jam - all around the world (peel session 25.07.1977)
the rangers - akaku akaku heart ga
pedro miguel y sus maracaibos - pirana
the rebels - indian rebels
the mops - asamade matenai
min & kurinamen - flash the night
smzb - welcome to your community
captain beefheart & the magic band - the spotlight kid
a group at massacre, dominique - mosquito one
gabriel teodros & sabreena da witch - beit
george sibanda - kuyini loku?
k. pythacunthapuserectus - voodoo juju obsession part 2 (1969)
ceejebs - eti ufok
baronetti & haris papadatos - ematha pos rotises gia mena
waiphot phetsuphan - boeng ai si sao
the thunderbirds - call my name
conjunto night stars - she only wants a friend
fela kuit & the africa 70 - jeun ko ku
eden rose - obsession (1969)
modern jazz quartet - the jasmine tree (montreux 25.07.1982)
la justicia - stone flower
na fili - slip jigs and reel (peel session 25.07.1974)
spoken words taken from "the wild bunch" by sam peckinpah


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