episode 475

episode 475 the naked kiss
stw episode 475

"“Well, sir, I should have been sitting pretty, just about as pretty as a man could sit."
Jim Thompson
...fins de série 54/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 475

son house - my good gal (peel session 11.07.1970)
coon creek girls - little birdie
jelly roll morton - the pearls
bessie jones - go to sleep little baby
fred mcdowell - going down the river
lucious curtis - train blues
forrest city joe - train time
cirino franchina - tarantella
thomas moran - boat that first brought me over
colette magny - chanson en canot (1964)
jose calaforra romero - ja no cante com abans
maria bergamaschi & maria patritti - mamma mia dammi cento lire
rose hemphill - rolled and tumbled
vera ward hall - railroad bill
Huarard Coppet, Raymond Laugetty, Georges Sainte-Rose, Maurice Charlery, Sully Londas, Marcel Longrais & Emile Grebeau - fleur des antilles
san juan's girls' government school children - sammy dead'o
josé roux - l'aiguo de rotzo (1964)
alan lomax & the ramblers - hard case
jose fagoaga - bartarratsian buruan gora
the smith band - smithy rag
odetta - cotton fields at home (newport folk festival 11.07.1959)
bright light quartet - I'm tired
memphis slim - life is like that
son house - death letter (peel session 11.07.1970)
spoken words taken from "the naked kiss" by samuel fuller


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