episode 474

episode 474 shock corridor
stw episode 474

"“Jinn et Phyllis passaient des vacances merveilleuses, dans l'espace, le plus loin possible des astres habités."
Pierre Boulle
...fins de série 53/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 474

gang of four - natural's not in it (peel session 09.07.1979)
lemon kittens - this kind of dying
wire - I am the fly
soft boys - leppo and the jooves
hubble bubble - I don't mind
the nothing - scream'n'cry (wide awake)
neon hearts - gets so many pains
the quads - there's never been a night like this
boys next door - somebody's watching
the pop group - words disobey me
woody & the splinters - I must be mad
gregory isaacs - down the line
keith hudson - dreadful words dub
les mustangs - drums (1963)
the ignerents - wrong place wrong time
the freeze - psychodalek nightmares
marquis de sade - set in motion memories
slits - adventures close to home
junior delgado - tonight
les chabroll's - ivanov (1963)
skin flesh & bones - spider man web
tanc*** - ansicrwydd(08/09th.07.1979)
disco students - kafkaesque
the chords - now it's gone (peel session 09.07.1979)
spoken words taken from "shock corridor" by samuel fuller
*** special thanks to my life's a jigsaw


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