stw podcast episode 341

photo by zb
stw episode 341

"allez allez le {fantôme} rempile pour deux années supplémentaires... "

"...sans direction
mais perdu, nullement."

but who cares uh ? : episode 341

hey & hansen - overture(excerpt)
high wolf - aztec pyramids(excerpt)
burial - archangel (excerpt)
press people play - before me
rollin - viol du vampire (excerpt)
the opiates - anatomy of a plastic girl (chris and cosey remix)
young gods - she rains
rollin - traquées (excerpt)
clair obscur - till the morning light
tori amos - me and a gun (excerpt)
nosaj thing - fog
tommi stumpf - echoes in der nacht
dead man's bones - intro
anna karina - godard - made in usa (excerpt)
elvis presley - bring it back (excerpt)
ran blake - I've got you under my skin
alpha 60 - alphaville (excerpt)
john avery - the cross (excerpt)
the residents - love is...
swans - love will save you
cindytalk - first time ever I saw your face (excerpt)
cindytalk - disappear
cindy lauper - shine (excerpt)
ela orleans - living world
jozef van wissem/united bible studies - come holy ghost
flunk - everything's ending here
birch book - le temps de vivre
godard, made in usa (excerpt)


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photo "episode 341" by ZB

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