stw podcast episode 340

photo by zb
stw episode 340

"soldé. clôturé.

"de 3 juillet en 3 juillet
six années s'écoulèrent...
...s'écroulèrent, secouant l'air
six années se sont coulées. eh !

but who cares uh ? : episode 340

birthday party - deep in the woods(excerpt)
peter hammill - birthday special(excerpt)
birthday party - mutiny in heaven (excerpt)
oren ambarchi - suspension (excerpt)
hood - you show no emotion at all (excerpt)
simon wickham-smith & richard youngs - normal
moose - the man who hanged himself (excerpt)
cosmic jokers raumschiff galaxy gleitet im sonnen wind (excerpt)
carnival of souls (excerpt)
alain kan - heureusement en France on ne se drogue pas (excerpt)
benga & coki - night (excerpt)
benga - pleasure
a. karina - made in usa (excerpt)
jr & his soulettes - flip will (excerpt)
dylan ettinger - blue and blue
alva noto - u 08-1 (excerpt)
loner deluxe - listen to the machines (excerpt)
dj danger mouse - encore
blawan - what you do with what you have (excerpt)
les shazams - satisfaction (excerpt)
4hero - we who are not as others (excerpt)
circuit des yeux - penance blues
a. karina, jp leaud, godard - made in usa (excerpt)
george sibanda - llanga lashona (excerpt)
roberto cacciapaglia - my life
anna karina - alphaville (excerpt)
serge gainsbourg - kiss me hardy (excerpt)
altar eagle - pour your dark heart out
trg - decisions (excerpt)
anna karina - alphaville (excerpt)
trg - broken hearts (martyn's dcm remix)
rsd - forward youth
elka brown - forever rise
the revenge - night flight
dominik eulberg - afraid of seeing stars (excerpt)
byetone - black is black
ovidie - la nuit des horloges (excerpt)
trentemöller - nightwalker
igor wakhewitch - monks in the snow
ovidie - la nuit des horloges (excerpt)
orcas - little a strongly more grow I
zelienople - out of it


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photo "episode 340" by ZB

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