stw podcast episode 323

photo by zb
stw episode 323

"...and then he sails on..."
Steve Tesich, Karoo p.406 (Vintage Books)

"...the boat doesn't seem to have traveled any distance..."
David Ohle, Motorman, p.136-137 (Calamari Press)

but who cares uh ? : episode 323

robyn hitchcock & the egyptians - the black crow knows
these united states - slow crows over
flowers from the man who shot your cousin - crow black harm
william fitzsimmons please forgive me (song of the crow)
mv & ee - crow jane environs
people victory's orchestra & chorus - black crow country
spires that in the sunset - let the crows fly
theo angell - crow landing
mike seed - dear old crow
cursillistas - crow in the garden
zola jesus - in hiding from the crow
sharron kraus - murder of the crows
burning cicadas - killing the raven
the wardrobe - crow funeral
the ravens a simple prayer


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photo "episode 323" by ZB

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