stw podcast episode 243

photo by zb
stw episode 243

3x2010 secondes pour 2010
(part one- 1ère partie)
play it loud (101'30 - env. 95 mo)''

distribution :
winter drones - bonnie cooper's bones (a/b)
outer space - deathless (a/b)
ghedalia tazartes - vingt (a/b)
flaming dragons of middle earth - vermont yankee (a/b)
andrea ferraris & matteo ugeri - creek of a church door, wedding celebration (a/b)
islaja - ihmispuku (a/b)
stellar om source - dynamic of here (a/b)
michael parallax - ghosts (spirit come in) (a/b)
dan melchior und das menace black dog barking (a/b)
suzanne langille & neel murgai - strong & foolish heart (a/b)
edgar wappenhalter - wings (denise levertov excerpt) (a/b)
angel olsen - so that we can be still (a/b)
aloonaluna - ghost in the tree (a/b)
death in june - my company of corpses (a/b)
emmalee crane - formantine (a/b)
je suis le petit chevalier - agammemnon (a/b)
master musicians of bukkake - pipestone octopus with horseheart (a/b)
midday veil - we are you (a/b)
akira rabelais - in a cadence of vanishing (a/b)
sylvain chauveau - the unbroken line (a/b)
barn owl - sundown (a/b)
witxes - disquietude (a/b)
yellow swans - limited space (a/b)
heavy winged - breathe life (very short excerpt) (a/b)
feu machin - in etzli, in yollohtli (d/l)
sun city girls - black orchid (a/b)
ghedalia tazartes - sept (a/b)

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photo "episode 243" by ZB

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