stw podcast episode 244

photo by zb
stw episode 243

3x2010 secondes pour 2010 (part two- 2è partie)
play it loud (101'30 - env. 95 mo)''

distribution :
suum cuique - lithic reduction (a/b)
isengrind - the wild host (a/b)
carol anne mcgowan - so to the sea (a/b)
nathan phillips - where you are (a/b)
date palms - psalm 3, intro (a/b)
ô paon - la cible (a/b)
infinite body - beside me in the dawn (a/b)
john wesley coleman - go baby go (a/b)
big blood she-wander(er) (a/b)
motion sickness of time travel - the alchemical dream (a/b)
ignatz - the opposite (a/b)
nalle - sunne's return (a/b)
murmuure - amethyst (a/b)
larry marshall - love after the bomb (a/b)
keith fullerton whitman - disingeneousness (short excerpt) (a/b)
best hits - wake up call (a/b)
the fun years - and they think my name is dequan (a/b)
aTelecine - auon (a/b)
twinsistermoon - black nebulae (a/b)
ghedalia tazartes - vingt (excerpt) (a/b)
monks of malaspina - bear song (a/b)
herbcraft - many dark ages (a/b)
clem leek - holly lane (a/b)
archers by the sea - little thrones & rotten ropes (a/b)
gate - all (a/b)
jefre cantu ledesma - body within body (a/b)

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photo "episode 244" by ZB

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