stw podcast episode 235

photo by zb
stw episode 235

play it as loud as possible (80'40 - env. 75 mo)''

distribution :
milieu - dionysus in reds (a/b)
coil - black antlers (where's your child) (a/b)
lurker of chalice - (untitled) (archive)
lemon kittens - mylmus (a/b)
jason crumer- happy valentine's day champ (a/b)
billy bao - my life is shit (a/b)
fucked up - reset the ride (a/b)
pain teens - bannoy (a/b)
vivenza - matérialité objective (a/b)
xx committee - mass machina (a/b)
runzelstirn & gurgelstock - f.earwig (sei tier) (a/b)
bizarre uproar - kuristusote (a/b)
skin crime - black gloves and razors (excerpt) (a/b)
propergol - the program (a/b)
c.c.c.c - behind the forest silence (excerpt) (a/b)
ramleh - slammers (a/b)
torso - rust storm (a/b)
emil beaulieau - rock'n'roll pt.2 (a/b)
the haters - breakthrough (a/b)

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