stw episode 226

photo by zb
stw episode 226

guest mix : b/ edwin shot
play it loud (53'25 - env. 50 mo)''

distribution :
pete drake - forever (a/b)
wicked fag - spiky sharp & needle belt(a/b)
babe rainbow - I can try to run (stuck) (a/b)
the bottesini project - lawn & lightrail (a/b)
howlin' wolf- shake for me (a/b)
janka nabay - top sul bah (a/b)
the vaccines - wreckin' bar (ra ra ra) (a/b)
dominique young unique - world is mine (a/b)
arp - summer girl (a/b)
forest swords - the light (a/b)
camden - headstone (a/b)
umberto - the psychic (a/b)
hiiragi fukuda - 二足歩行 (a/b)
altar eagle - you lost your neon haze (a/b)

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photo "episode 226" by ZB

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