stw podcast episode 225

keeping it peel
stw episode 225

Keeping it Peel !
play it loud (121'43 - env. 115 mo)''

distribution :
hey & hansen - muzique (a/b)
the detroit cobras- I wanna holler (but the town's too small) (a/b)
half man half biscuit - mr cave's a window cleaner now (peel sessions) (a/b)
birthday party - sonny's burning (peel sessions) (a/b)
slits- so tough (peel sessions) (a/b)
colin newman- but no (a/b)
nudge squidfish - part cherokee (a/b)
culture - too long in slavery (peel sessions) (a/b)
wooden wand- delia (a/b)
au pairs- monogamy (peel sessions) (a/b)
hollows- shadows in the dark (a/b)
culture - armageddon (peel sessions) (a/b)
andre williams & 2 star tabernacle - ramblin'man (d/l)
howlin wolf- tell me what i've done (a/b)
pj harvey- oh my lover (peel sessions) (a/b)
zola jesus- crowns (a/b)
the misunderstood- who do you love (a/b)
joy division - love will tear us apart (peel sessions) (a/b)
tonstartssbandht- andy summers (a/b)
dino felipe - play my tape (a/b)
djg- hydrate (a/b)
culture- two sevens clash (peel sessions) (a/b)
misty in roots- mankind (live) (a/b)
39 clocks- twisted & shouts (a/b)
bleeding heart narrative- colours turn colours (a/b)
brother raven- cold nothingness (a/b)
neko case & her boyfriends- twist the knife (live at maida vale) (a/b)
charlie feathers- runnin' around (a/b)
culture- humble african (a/b)
captain beefheart- my human gets me blues (a/b)
ukelele ike- that's my weakness now (pig big 78s) (a/b)
the fall- immortality (peel sessions) (a/b)
the chameleons- perfumed garden (peel sessions) (a/b)
culture- big lion (peel sessions) (a/b)
klute- time 4 change (a/b)

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"episode 225:keeping it peel"

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