stw podcast episode 215

photo zb
stw episode 214

play it loud (48'25 - 45 mo)''

distribution :
john cooper clarke - psycle slut (a/b)
tall dwarfs - brain that wouldn't die (a/b)
magik markers - circle (a/b)
noel ellis- rocking universally (a/b)
spinning leaves- lonely firefly< (a/b)
sun araw- ma holo (a/b)
millie small - what a price (a/b)
robyn hitchcock - mother insect (a/b)
nurse with wound- willie the weeper (a/b)
my brightest diamond- like a sieve (a/b)
the key loser- my sad song
black slate - slicks man (a/b)
h.t spliff - never run away

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photo "episode 215" by ZB

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