stw podcast episode 210

photo zb
stw episode 210

play it loud (61'54 - 59 mo)

choses entendues en 2010, très tard parfois... things heard in 2010, lately sometimes...
distribution :
the alps - petals (a/b)
the rest - over the hill (a/b)
balam acab - see birds (moon) (a/b)
king kong ding dong - the tiniest anything (a/b)
forest swords - hjurt (a/b )
anbb - one (1fo)
master musicians of bukkake - hidden from the hidden ones (a/b )
zelienople - I put all my faith in her (a/b)
rene hell - night life '73 (a/b )
infinite body - beside me in the dawn (a/b)
imaginary softwoods - 10 (a/b)
beru - I fall to pieces (covers vol.2)
pausal - top down cantillation (a/b )
meursault - one day this'll all be fields (a/b )
fieldhead - opened window (a/b )
claudio cataldi - turn point (a/b )
alan vega - no tomorrow (a/b)

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photo "episode 210" by ZB

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