stw podcast episode cod y2610a

photo zb
stw code y2610a

play it loud (58'03- 56mo)

Tracklist :
django reinhardt - limehouse blues (a/b)
billy lee riley - flying saucer rock'n'roll (a/b)
gene vincent - unchained melody (a/b)
kurt vile - ocean city (a/b)
emeralds - it doesn't arrive (a/b)
the sound - resistance (a/b)
angel face - wolf city blues (a/b)
BYOdeath - sleeping mutie (a/b)
simple minds - carnival (a/b)
magic lantern - planar sonar (a/b)
the alps - crossing the sands (a/b)
banjo or freakout - like you (a/b)
danny paul grody - four years (a/b)
isengrind - fire flies (a/b)
david newlyn - burn all the letters and cards (a/b)
the north sea - graveyards (a/b)
+ excerpts from beru & pausal

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