stw podcast episode 198

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stw episode 198

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so the wind podcast episode 198 : play it loud (59'56- 58mo)

Tracklist :
zachary cale - come quietly (a/b) album bientôt/soon
sean hayes - garden (a/b tout/all)
devolver - suncreep (a/b)
waterhens - diving (a/b)
joanna newsom - easy (a/b)
higuma - a glacial tongue (a/b)
monks of malaspina - you were brought backwards (a/b)
natural snow buildings - the psychic circle/uchronia (d/l mp3 ou flac)
danny paul grody - natural west (a/b)
richard youngs - a fullness of light in your soul (a/b )
voice of the seven thunders - dry leaves (a/b )
jack rose - tree in the valley (a/b )

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photo "episode198" by ZB

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