stw podcast episode 196

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stw episode 196

...certains di-ron-ront qu'ils n'apportent pas grand chose de neuf mais kling klang klong ils en ont rien à foutr' et moi itou ! wahtoufrigo...go!
...some sad figures will say-ay-yay that they don't bring anythin' new but klink klaang kloonk it's fresh'n'cool so who really gives a fuck wahtoofreefoe... go!
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la musique
so the wind podcast episode 196 : play it loud (40'55- 39mo)

Tracklist :
human skab - screamin demon (a/b)
lamps - niels bohr was an excellent ping pong player (a/b)
nothing people - satellite not found (a/b)
nice face - situation is facing utter annihilation (a/b)
cold cave - gates (a/b)
the pink noise - get high (love is the drug) (a/b)
blessure grave - stop breathing (a/b)
the mayfair set - let it melt (a/b)
ela orleans - something higher (a/b)
no paws (no lions) - no ghosts (a/b )
BYOdeath - sleeping mutie (a/b)
balaclavas - nine livers (a/b)
us girls - sleeping on glass (a/b)
cloud nothings - you are opening (a/b)
stephan eicher - ping pong lied (a/b)

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