stw podcast episode 194

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stw episode 194

life 's like the seasons. After winter, comes...
so the wind podcast episode 194 : play it loud (39'50 - 38mo)

Tracklist :
dome - here we go (a/b)
sparklehorse & fennesz - goodnight sweetheart (a/b)
fra lippo lippi - slow sway (a/b)
thomas brinkmann - meadow (a/b)
kiyoko itoh - crayon (a/b)
frank sinatra - cycles (a/b)
xela - watching a light in the distance (a/b)
melmoth - la mort multicolore (a/b)
michel bulteau - en enfer (a/b )
blind man's colours - ghosts (a/b)
mimonster - when you're gone (d/l)

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