stw podcast episode 190

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stw episode 190

Quelque chose, noir.
who'll dig the hole?
so the wind podcast episode 190 : play it funerarily loud (58'37- 57mo)

Tracklist :
cathy berberian- a flower (a/b)
john terlazzo - he wears his black heart on (a/b)
garm - black like me (a/b)
angels of light - black river song (a/b)
father murphy - so now you have to choose between my two (black) lungs (a/b)
robyn hitchcock & the egyptians - the black crow knows (a/b)
current 93 - black ships ate the sky (a/b)
jason crest - black mass (a/b)
mythical beast - black walls (a/b)
religious knives - blackbird (a/b)
black time - backwards in black (a/b)
anduin - content of a black box (a/b)
nick cave & the bad seeds - a box for black paul (a/b)

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