feuilles d'automne 6

photo zb
stw episode special 040

La photo.
La musique. (chaque mercredi jusqu'à l'hiver/ each wednesday until winter),
de haut en bas et de gauche à droite  :
so the wind podcast episode special 040 : a "rusted rail" special ou
le survol de l'excellent catalogue du label rusted rail
play it warmly LOUD (48'46- 47mo)

Tracklist :
loner deluxe - I must have fallen asleep and we drifted apart must not sleep must warn others/lost & found
phantom dog beneath the moon - slow to appear on the moon through a forest only
phosphene - the glowing eggs of titan phoenix trees
agitated radio pilot - from the ghost gum glades a field day
the big eyes family players - an improvised drowning donkeysongs
music for dead birds - dead to me and then it rained for seven days
cwk joynes - the autumn leaves of red and gold LHR twins
autumn grieve - the borrowed light of memory terra infinita
the dovetail consort - elastic folk east and west
united bible studies - pictures of katia the northern lights and the northern dark
directorsound - the gin trap rrr 076
yawning chasm - your bones will bleach white the shadow is that hidden

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photo "episodespecial040" by ZB

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