suddenly, last summer 3

photo zb
stw episode special 032

or how to soundtrack a photo, de haut en bas et de gauche à droite  : so the wind podcast episode special 032
play it LOUD (43'47- 42mo)

Tracklist :
africa germany germany mexico turkey australia - retraced steps (ext.) (a/b)
white light - five horses (a/b)
onna - cortigiana dal velo (a/b)
ducktails - oh magnolia tree (a/b)
nora guthrie - home before dark (a/b)
blues control - on through the night (ext.) (a/b)
mayyors - the crawl (a/b)
cursillistas - peace pipers tape side a (ext.) (a/b)
julian lynch - andaza (a/b)
twinsistermoon - bride of spirits (s.o)
christina carter - to surrender (a/b)
nurse with wound - akt II (ext.) (a/b)
cursillistas - burns like white sun (a/b)
lula cortes - roses of blood (get it)
loren dent - the loss of eternal life (get it)

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