soudain l'été dernier 4

photo zb
stw episode special 033

or how to soundtrack a photo, de haut en bas et de gauche à droite  : so the wind podcast episode special 033
play it LOUD (55'20- 53mo)

Tracklist :
the monks - there she walks (a/b)
htrk - she's seventeen (a/b)
anna st clair - c'est que tu n'es pas loin (s.o)
pj glauberzon - breakfast diner nametag (a/b)
precinct - the drowning boy (a/b)
illuminations - no hello (a/b)
zachary cale - head on (a/b)
adikwa depala - moni, moni non dey (a/b)
celer - th everything and the nothing (12) (a/b)
jandek - silent wander (ext.) (a/b "not hunting formeaning")
glen johnson - secret girl (s.o)
meursault - red candle bulb (a/b)
theo angell - a crime in the vine (a/b)
telegraph canyon - a light in the field (a/b)
sophie cooper ben nash - natural liberation through naked vision (ext.) (a/b)
james johnston &philippe petit - the land of... (a/b)
dan melchior und das menace - my slippery shadow (a/b)
shoes for industry - spend (a/b)
the gospel singers - noah found grace (a/b yeti 7)
tinkerbells fairydust - never my love (get it)

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