stw podcast episode 126

photo zb
stw episode 126

"aujourd'hui, j'fais une machine !"
"today's washing machine day"
play it loud! (39'25 - 37mo)

Playlist :
mi ami - feel you (acheter/buy)
psychedelic horseshit - mash up: psychedelic horseshit vs. space age lucifer (acheter/buy)
mockinpott - criatura (get it)
sightings - this most real of hells (acheter/buy)
sexy prison - shinnok and the war for earthrealm (get it)
sic alps - message from the law (acheter/buy)
davila 666 - ciudad (acheter/buy)
nobunny - church mouse (acheter/buy)
jay reatard - hiding hole (acheter/buy)
iran - take it through
cheap time - tight fit (acheter/buy)
tu seras terriblement gentille - terrified (acheter/buy)
a.h kraken - she plays loud (acheter/buy)

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en bonus, une "douceur" (youtube)
sunset - when perfect flames expire

photo "episode126" by ZB

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