so the wind podcast : episode 075

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stw podcast episode 075

when it darkens, light subsides ( it Loud...) (39'45 - 37mo)

Playlist :
chairs in the arno - input delay acheter/buy
bassekou kouyate &ngoni ba - jonkoloni acheter/buy
kokanko sata - be mogo ya acheter/buy
bela karoli - something that flies there be acheter/buy
olivia louvel - one day acheter/buy
barn owl - the path through the desert acheter/buy
jason webley - disappear acheter/buy
cursillistas - hands (haunt) fact
richard youngs - I need the light acheter/buy
steven r. smith - the pity of all things acheter/buy
black forest/black sea - beautiful here acheter/buy

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bonus (youtube, myspace)¨
bassekou kouyate & ngoni ba at g8
olivia louvel - dress up
crumble, musique : olivia louvel
the wheel
cursillistas (short clip)
jason webley live in Oakland

image "075; when it D., L.subsides" by ZB

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