so the wind podcast episode 073

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stw podcast episode 073

stw podcast : episode 073 (45'28 - 42mo)
( it Loud...)

Playlist :
the versiteers - jesus met the woman at the well the florida memory project
promise and the monster - trials acheter/buy
tinkerscuss - to make you stay acheter/buy ici ou
marianne oswald - seule acheter/buy
thinguma*jigsaw - my blood giggles acheter/buy
maki asakawa - sometimes I feel like a motherless child
twinsistermoon - cruel brother pre-order
matteah baim - dark ship acheter/buy
charalambides - walking though the graveyard acheter/buy
dear euphoria - falling behind acheter/buy
plumerai - kill my way outta here acheter/buy
pocahaunted - warmest knives acheter/buy
+ voix :cameron diaz

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bonus : (dailymotion&youtube)
promise and the monster- light reflecting
tinkerscuss - to make you stay
thinguma*jigsaw - my blood giggles
plumerai - home again

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