stw pod.netlab. iss 05

photo zb
stw netlabel issue 05

test /-05 (42'01 - 40mo)''
(play it loud)

Playlist :
pool reverse - jazz binary EP (rithmus)
of human ruffage - tuba solo in the key of crazy the of human ruffage jazz band plays fucked up early high school blues (without drugs) (pop quiz)
qichan - definition of a planet return to hebes chasma (eileen chang records)
mequetrefe - fire walk with me mequetrefe (alg-a)
fattoria del vento - aut (muerte pop)
implosion quintet - sweet dreams deep sound of bobby peru (commodity records)
tsuyoshi nakamura - deathchindoya 2 to 4am (mimi records)
mihidea - voodoo plate breaking question no answer (17 sons records)
_algol_ - stalker words (closure) deep thougts about universe (enough records)

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photo "t.05" by ZB

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