0,1, 2, 3, 4... ..numbers ! (part one)

photo zb
stw podcast episode 063

stw podcast : episode 064 (45'11 - 43mo)
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Playlist :
the donnas - zero acheter/buy
the adverts - one chord wonders acheter/buy
the aggrovators - two face dub acheter/buy
african show boyz - three little birds acheter/buy
metallic falcons - four hearts acheter/buy
clogs - five four acheter/buy
cocteau twins - five ten tinyfold acheter/buy
unicorn - reanimation case n.6 acheter/buy
alice russell - seven nation army (feat. nostalgia77) acheter/buy
o.v wright - eight men, four women acheter/buy
la otracina - nine times the color red explodes like heated blood acheter/buy
soulwhirlingsomewhere - opening the ten-end acheter/buy

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bonus : (youtube)
saint thomas - morning dancer
the donnas - skintight
the adverts - bored teenagers
metallic falcons - airships
metallic falcons itw
clogs - 5/4
cocteau twins - carolyn's fingers
alice russell - hurry on now
kenny drew, niels pedersen, alvin queen - st thomas
la otracina live at the balcony, juillet 07
(thx to largemarge)

photo "64" by ZB

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