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stw podcast episode 046 it LOUD I'M DEAF !
stw podcast : episode 049 (44' - 42mo)

Playlist :
es - twenty five twenty five acheter/buy
normandy - sweatbox acheter/buy (itunes)
neon horse - cuckoo acheter/buy
melt banana - green eyed devil acheter/buy
the clutters - 9999 ways to hate us acheter/buy
the fall - lie dream of casino soul acheter/buy
times new viking - lion and oil acheter/buy
snake apartment - paint the walls acheter/buy
neurosis - water is not enough acheter/buy
coltrane motion - twenty seven acheter/buy
saturna - fall acheter/buy june 12th
the sleepover disaster - comet acheter/buy
armas huutamo - viekaa minut acheter/buy

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es - kubistisia kukkia liikkeessä
neon horse - cuckoo
melt banana - sick zip everywhere
the clutters - fire live
the fall - totally wired
neurosis -given to the rising
coltrane motion ecard

& if som'time you've got
the wonderful and frightening world of mark e. smith
(faithful and eternal thanks to kogler)

photo "049" by ZB