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rock around the clock

hal singer
rock around the clock

Paleo's diary : one song, each day
angel and fall

(française version)
"Let's rock... let's rock" la voix d'Hal Singer s'enfonce, lourde, et creuse le temps. Un moment, on pense "tiens... blue suede shoes ?" à quel moment a-t-on bifurqué mais non, on s'trompe. Tout est en ordre : papa pique et maman coud.
Cinquante six années plus tard, le contrast podcast livre, en sa deuxième partie chrismique, un très plaisant numéro annonciateur des réjouissances prochaines. Si vos besoins chrizzmo-musicaux ne sont, malgré ses deux parties, satisfaits, rendez vous au Pogo a gogo où une très punky christmas party vous attend.

(englikhtonian version)
"Let's rock... let's rock..." Hal Singer's voice, heavy and groovy, punches the clock. One moment, you think "hey... blue suede shoes ?"... When did we alter our course ? But no. Mistake mistake Miss Kate. Everything's alright : mama's at shoppin' and papa's workin' late.
Fifty six years later, in its second part before the neverendingstory (or is it the biggestevertold ?) festivities, Contrast Podcast offers an absolutely pleasant number 38 (with special guests : Eric Metronome and Victor Scott). If parts 1&2 aren't enough for your chrimbozoid needs y'can go gogo at pogo punko' chrimbo' party- o-o-o. And for those of you who really really look after indigestion : go there (pcl linkdump)

hal singer
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big mama thornton - hound dog (youtube)

photo : "is He Him ?" by ZB

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