when, on sunday, it's cold and grey (outside)

sunday mood41, photo zb

what can you do but listen to songs which will make the sun in you rises and shines that is what will happen on this player
and there :
hey hey my my
(First 5 tracks EP to be released on jan. 22th on sober and gentle/discograph)

aztec camera - walk out to winter (youtube)

...then, if some time's left, you could listen all day long to
Ikhtonia (steven kattenbraker, paleo, smile smile, palodine, tim williams, bromheads jacket, the milkman's union, bowerbirds, brazzaville, gregory page, bob frank & john murry, &nd, jamie barnes, shawn hlookoff, conrad ford, dear euphoria, she keeps bees, andrew bryant...)

photo "winter street" by ZB

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