's good day for singing songs...

sunday mood21

au détour du numéro 14 du podcast yank sizzler, une voix féminine a retenu mon attention...inconnue et pourtant familière, une voix que j'avais déjà entendue chez Calexico...marianne dissard dont l'album est en route...en attendant on peut toujours essayer d'attrapper l'un des 300 exemplaires de 11 songs demos...

(englikhtonian version)
as n°14 of Yank sizzler podcast run, a feminine voice caught my ears... it was like in verlaine's "familiar dream"...unknown familiar voice... I knew I already heard it somewhere...special effect, lightnin' strikes... of course I did, it was on Calexico's records...her name is Marianne Dissard. An album's on its release way...while waiting for it, we can try to catch one of the 300 samplers of her 11 songs demos...

Paleo's diary : one song, each day
undead forever a pine tree

peter brotzmann trio (youtube)

...then, if some time's left, you could listen all day long to

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