the world is a cup full of songs...

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Paleo's diary : one song, each day
stomach bug

j'vais pas vous raconter d'histoires mais à c't'heure, à mon arrêt de bus, y'a personne. Pas un.

I will not tell you stories but, at this time, there's no one at the bus stop...Argentinian won their match, so let's celebrate this victory with, from Buenos Aires, popdylan

...then, if some time's left, you could listen all day long to
Ikhtonia ( drops, the charade, the year zero, mojave3, bow wow wow, bedroom walls, danielson, henry chapman, bullette, amalea tshilds, swayback, camera obscura, the association, hey hey my my, brent gorton, mojave 3, bobby baby, evangelicals broken family band, sky larkin,brookville, rainer maria, stuart a. staples, charalambides, vetiver, the red paintings, a whisper in the noise, smashing orange...)

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