stw pod.netlab.iss 011

photo zb
stw netlabel issue 011

test /-011 (38'47 - 36mo)''
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Playlist :
terror at the opera - lovely day s/t, (lost frog)
matavacas - gakki antologia 1989-2001, (mastertoaster-recordings)
molloy and his bike - kaspar gets reflected spiraltown cartographers, (umor-rex)
francoiz coballa - merlina 9/04/2007, (ala jazz)
leeDVD - valentin lenajgiwittuju, (audiotong)
Ensamble Aspero + Inca Ore with Lemon Bear's orchestra - miguel UR 029, (umor-rex)
h stewart - dying in the spring to touch the taste of sound, (clinical archives)
the love songs - song for ornette some protest music for today's youth, (on-li)
simon gris - de nuit, l'hiver transport vol.1 (la p'tite maison)

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bonus (youtube)
françoiz coballa
inca ore
simon gris - je ne te quitte pas

photo "test11" by ZB

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