episode 879

episode 879
episode 879

... "tout le monde sait où
cette route nous mène...
tôt ou tard."

but who cares ? : episode 879

urusei yatsura - first day on a brand new planet (john peel session, 20.04.1996)
the grogans - I cannot read your mind (find me a cloud, 2023 cousin will records)
the belair lip bombs - say my name (lush life, 2023 cousin will records)
nyamekye junction - too many bags (kaidi's remix) (2023, kitto records)
bab l'bluz - imazighen (swaken, 2024 real world)
dijf sanders - mingrelian song (supra, 2023 unday)
opuntia - hold (mercurio , 2024 umor rex)
zhalih - blue dust (they call 2021, laaps)
a certain ratio - bitten by a lizard (it all comes down to this 2024, )
claire rousay - head (sentiment, 2024 thrill jockey)
claire welles - medication (balance of nature, 2024)
marcel wave - barrow boys (something looming, 2024 feel it records)
still house plants - MMM (if I don't make it, I love u, 2024 bison)
the flaming stars - who's out there (john peel session, 20.04.1996)


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