episode 876

episode 876
episode 876

... "tout le monde sait où
cette route nous mène...
tôt ou tard."

but who cares ? : episode 876

luscious jackson - soixante neuf (john peel session, 01.04.1999)
sisters of mercy - 1969 (peel session 07.09.1982)
mark, james & julie - If I knew (golden duets, 1981, rational records)
the fall - janet vs johnny (the real new fall, 2003 action records )
paul mcmahon/ nancy radloff - turtles travel slower on asphalt (just another asshole 5, 1981)
kim gordon - trophies (the collective, 2024 matador)
jac berrocal, vincent epplay et david fenech - vetiver (exterior lux, 2020 akuphone)
robert wyatt - caimanera (7", 1980 rough trade)
full sail - red letter day (another spark tapes, 1984)
toy killers - I'm embarrassed to be an american girld (unlistenable years, ugexplode)
ac marias - our dust (one of our girls, 1989 mute)
julia holter - evening mood (something in the room she moves, 2024 domino)
vortex ost - black box disco (new york noise vol.2, soul jazz records)
elena setién - surfacing (moonlit reveries, 2024 thrill jockey)
bruce tovsky - moleman, a video soundtrack (te1lus magazine 3, 1984)
skyjelly - killer B (spirit guide, 2023)
baby in vain - parasite (afterlife, 2024 escho)
cat power - funny things (all tomorrow's parties, john peel show, 01.04.2004)


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