episode 869

episode 869
episode 869

... "tout le monde sait où
cette route nous mène...
tôt ou tard."

but who cares ? : episode 869

µ-Ziq - an (john peel session, 16.02.199)
astrid sonne - almost (great doubt, 2024)
princess diana of wales - swing (s/t, 2021)
lucrecia dalt - epilogo (ay, 2022)
xela - the long walk home at midnight (frosty mornings and summer nights, 2003)
matmos - for the trees (return) (the civil war, 2003)
a.c. marias - to sleep (one of our girls has gone missing, 1989)
ana roxanne - venus (because of a flower, 2020)
melys - my downer pill (casting pearls, 2003)
delphine dora & michel henritzi - tu me manques nuit et jour comme si je n'étais pas encore né (si nous faisons du bruit, le temps va enocre recommencer, 2023)
william ryan fritch - II profoundly false (built upon a fearful void, 2021)
pmxper - turn 23 / lavender milk (s/t 2023)
uri caine - on youth (dark flame 2003)
melys - hey that's no way to say goodbye (john peel session, 17.02.2000)


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