episode 854

code is 57 18
episode 854

"tout le monde sait où
cette route nous mène...
tôt ou tard."

but who cares ? : episode 854 - code is 57-18

futures & pasts (live at the witch's trial, 1979)
I wake up in the city (7", 2001)
das katerer (the unutterable, 2000)
is this new (imperial wax solvent, 2008)
groovin with mr bloe green eyed loco (peel session, 2003)
paranoia man in cheap shit room (peel session, 1993)
acid priest 2088 (singles disc 6, 1988)
bingo master (manchester civic 23.12.77)
jawbone air rifle (peel session, 1980)
british people in hot weather (7", 1990)
cyber insekt (the unutterable, 2000)
behind the counter (12", 1993)
ladybird (greengrass) (peel session, 1993)
hexen strife (live melbourne 1982)
open the boxoctosis (the real new fall, 2003)
c.r.e.e.p (the wonderful and frightening world of..., 1984)
my new house (this nation's saving grace, 1985)
lie dream of a casino soul (7", 1981)
couldn't get ahead ((7", 1985)
a lot of wind (shift-work, 1991)
and therein (extricate, 1990)
idiot joy showland (peel session)
new big prinz (I am kurious oranj, 1988)
room to live (live arena 1982)
cruiser's creek (7", 1985)
immortality (peel session 1992)


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