episode 850

episode 850
episode 850

"tout le monde sait où
cette route nous mène...
tôt ou tard."

but who cares ? : episode 850

to rococo rot - first (music is a hungry ghost, 2001)
soundwalk collective - que la poésie soit d'abord résitance (what we leave behind, 2018)
paco ibanez - palabras para julia (st968)
lamb - here (fear of fours, 1999)
tom waits - ruby's arms (heartattack and vine,1980)
brian eno - who gives a thought (foreverandevernomore, 2022)
jan garbarek w/ hilliard ensemble - pulcherrima rosa (officium, 1994)
anita o'day - night bird (all the sad young men, 1962)
lucretia dalt - atemporal (¡Ay!, 2022)
carla dal forno - side by side (come around, 2022)
eleni karaindrou - laura's waltz (Selected Signs III – VIII, 1999)
gammelsaeter & marhaug - the magus (higgs boson, 2022)
jeff parker - after the rain (suite for, 2020)
nils petter molvaer - khmer (khmer, 1997)


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